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Urban Breath Yoga is your sanctuary, a place to find growth, serenity and connection– a place to belong.

We want you to be a part of the UB community and enjoy unlimited virtual, in-studio, and outdoor yoga classes which means you can take any class, at any time, as often as you like. Choose from dozens of classes, at various expertise levels. It’s your chance to enjoy access to everything we offer, for one low price!

The combination of this great deal, the diverse range of classes taught by the finest yoga instructors in the St. Louis area, and the truly great community of members means that most students who try UB Yoga become members.

  • Just $85!
  • Unlimited in-studio and livestream Classes
  • Unlimited access to the virtual class archive with hundreds of classes
  • 10% off retail
  • Free monthly "Friend Pass".
  • Great discounts on workshops and on-demand series

I don't know if I attend classes enough to have a membership.
If you only come an average of two times per week, the membership will save you money. Members who attend class two times a week or more pay less than $10 per visit. It's really a great yoga value.
Does the 30/30 new student special sign me up for the membership too?
No. The 30/30 is completely separate from the membership and does not commit you to anything.
What if I don't use my membership for one or two months? Can I get a refund?
Failure to regularly attend yoga classes does not relieve you of the monthly obligation to pay the membership in full or entitle you to a refund.
I travel on and off throughout of the year. Is the membership a good option for me?
That depends. At just $85/month, an average eight classes/month makes the membership the best option for you. Be sure to look at you average and not just how you use it any single month.
I'm taking a two-week vacation. Can I freeze my membership for just two weeks?
In the past we have obliged many different freeze requests but we found it to be impractical. Our policy is to offer an option of a one, two, or three month freeze one time per calendar year. Please submit your freeze request using the freeze form.
How long do I need to sign up for the membership?
We keep it simple. We require a 3-month commitment. After the first three months your payments are month-to-month until cancelled. We need two-weeks notice to cancel and you must cancel using the online cancel form.
Why do you need two weeks notice to cancel?
Honestly, we are really not trying to make it difficult for you. We just need to be sure that there is sufficient time to receive, process, and confirm your request and allow for any issues or delays to be resolved well before your next auto-pay is scheduled to processes.
How do I cancel my membership after my initial three months are up?
As a member, you can cancel your membership at anytime after the initial 3 months. Cancellations require 14 days notice prior to your billing date. Please review the cancellation policy when submitting your online cancellation request.
The Fine Print
There is a 3-month minimum commitment. Thereafter, your credit card will be charged $85 each month until you terminate. To terminate your Membership, please give 14 days notice by submitting the online cancellation form. For questions about your membership, please call 314-421-9642 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

"Sculpt your body, calm your mind,
and touch your soul."

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