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Yoga @ Work Virtual Program Offerings

One of St. Louis’ top-ranked yoga studios for over ten years, Urban Breath Yoga offers specially-designed Yoga@Work programs that encourage physical and mental health, led by some of the most experienced instructors in the city.

A happy, healthy, and motivated workplace doesn't have to be a stretch! The powerful practice of yoga can transform your organization by reducing physical tension and stress, promoting mindfulness and focus, increasing collaboration, and building confidence among employees. A Yoga@Work program is simple and practical to implement, yet offers significant benefit to the health and wellbeing of individual workers and therefore, to the overall thriving of your organization

Yoga@Work is now VIRTUAL! Offer your employees the opportunity to connect with themselves and with each other through the practice of yoga, even as they work from home. Our virtual programs are convenient to incorporate into the workweek and designed to address the physical and emotional stress and challenges that many of us are currently facing.

Each virtual Yoga@Work program includes:

  • A short welcome call to meet the instructor, go over the program and ask questions
  • Four 30-minute weekly livestreamed yoga practices delivered via Vimeo, with unlimited access to your livestream videos during your program.
  • Four 5-10 minute online and downloadable audio meditations to accompany each practice.
  • A downloadable and printable practice log that encourages consistent practice.
  • Support from a UB Yoga Advisor

Choose from one of our four programs, or let us customize a program for your workplace:

Chair Yoga

A series of yoga breaks that can be practiced right at your desk, using a chair for support and accessibility.
  • Week One: Grounding the body & the mind
  • Week Two: Addressing physical & mental tension
  • Week Three: Balancing effort & ease
  • Week Four: Building strength & steadiness

Stress Management

A program that utilizes the practices of gentle movements/ postures, soothing breath work, and guided meditation to recognize and manage the effects of stress on the body and the mind.
  • Week One: Understanding the mind-body connection
  • Week Two: Recognizing inner strength & wisdom
  • Week Three: Responding with ease
  • Week Four: Staying present

Creativity Boost

This program uses the practices of yoga and mindfulness realize potential and inspire creativity. These classes incorporate movements/ postures, intentional breath work, and visualization and meditation.
  • Week One: Connecting with self
  • Week Two: Awakening energy
  • Week Three: Building confidence
  • Week Four: Inspired & intentional action

Energy Boost

For those wanting to focus on the physical aspect of yoga, this program offers strong, vinyasa (flow) style practices that address the areas of the body often affected by working at a desk, while also encouraging mental clarity and focus.
  • Week One: Foundations of breath and movement
  • Week Two: Addressing tension in the upper body
  • Week Three: Strength and opening for the lower body
  • Week Four: Full body flow

Group Pricing

Small 1-10 participants: $500
Medium  11-25 participants:  $900
Large 26-50 participants:  $1200

Thank you for connecting.  We'll be in touch within a business day.

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