100HR Yin Yoga Training Retreat
with Jee Moon

The 100HR Yin YTT program consists of
two week-long 50HR modules.

2020 Dates

Module 1
will be rescheduled.

Module 2
Sunday, October 18 - Saturday, October 24


Jee Moon

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Ozark Retreat Center
Ananda Kanan
3157 Co Rd 1670
Willow Springs, MO 65793


($700 per module. Includes a 10-class card at Urban Breath)
plus $480 room and board per module
Payment plans available!

Email program advisor Laurie Brockhaus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 314-421-9642.

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“Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work on half of our body, the muscular half, the “yang” tissues. Yin yoga allows us to work the other half, the deeper “yin” tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks, and even our bones. All of our tissues are important and need to be exercised so that we can achieve optimal health and vitality.” 

~Bernie Clark, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga

“Modern life is full of overpowering yang, and the balance of yinyang has been lost for so long. This imbalance not only disturbs our planet but also degrades the quality of our lives. What we need to adopt is the calming and soothing yin quality for our lives and planet. The balance of yinyang brings peace and joy to our minds and health and vitality to our bodies. When a yogini practices yoga, she must consider the balance of yinyang in her body and mind to attain optimal health. Learning and practicing yin yoga is to complete the balance of yinyang in her yoga, as well as life.”

~Jee Moon

This course, appropriate for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and teachers-in-training, is a unique opportunity to give to yourself and to others through the in-depth study of yin yoga practice and instruction. Through extensive practice, instruction in functional anatomy and fascial connections, study of the energetic body, and study of yin yoga teaching methodology, this course will advance your practice and encourage skillful teaching. Yoga teachers taking this course will be well-equipped to add yin yoga classes to your schedule or to incorporate yin techniques into your classes of other yoga styles.

Throughout both parts of the course, students will have opportunities to discuss, practice and practice teach yin postures, modifications, adjustments, and sequencing.

The Yin Yoga Training course is divided into two required 50 hr modules (42 contact hours and 8 self-study hours each), held at the rustic, sweet Ozark Retreat Center in Willow Springs, MO.  Students arrive on Sunday evening, and coursework starts at 7 am on Monday morning. You'll be served dinner Sunday evening; breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday; and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

Module topics

Module One- Explore

new dates will be posted

7 archetypal yin yoga postures

Interactive, hands-on study of anatomy
(skeletal landmarks and range of motion)

Understanding sensation
(tension vs. compression; muscle vs. fascia; physical vs. subtle energy)

7 essential yin yoga teaching cues

Functional approach and the Yin Yoga Sutras of Paul Grilley

Teacher/ student dialogue: How to listen and lead

Sequencing and energy curves

Module Two - Deepen

October 18 -24

Three bodies and the connection: Qi, meridians, nadis and chakras 

Organ health and emotional quality

Meridian nidra: Developing a level of awareness

Relationship of the chakras and yamas/niyamas

Chakra meditation: Niyasa, So/Ham and Bija mantra 

Sequencing for the energy body

Daily schedule

7-8 am
Yin yoga practice and meditation

8-9 am

9 am -12 pm
Theory of yin yoga

12-2 pm
Lunch and rest

2-6 pm
Discussion, practice, and practice teaching of yin postures, modifications, adjustments, and sequencing 

6-7 pm

The Yin Yoga Training course is divided into two required 42 hr modules held at Ozark Retreat Center in Willow Springs, MO. Eighteen non-contact study hours are required to complete the course and will include readings, yin sequencing assignments, and participation in group yin classes outside of the two weeklong modules (a 10-class card at Urban Breath Yoga is included in tuition to fulfill this requirement).

"Located in the heart of the Southern Missouri Ozarks, The Ozark Retreat Center at Ananda Kanan ("The Garden of Bliss") is a beautiful and well-equipped facility for personal retreats as well as workshops and group retreats. Owned and operated by Ananda Marga, an international yoga and social service organization, it has been in continuous use for yoga and meditation retreats for over 30 years. Our staff takes pride in serving delicious vegetarian meals and taking care of the needs of our visitors, including offering classes in yoga, meditation, health, and art. Our overall goal is to provide a conducive environment for personal and spiritual development."  Learn more about the center here.  

Instructor Jee Moon

Jee has been dedicated to teaching yoga since 2001. Her studies began with a teacher training course with a qigong teacher in Seoul, Korea; she went on to train in Ashtanga and Anusara yoga in Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Taipei and earned Yoga Alliance International Certification. Jee now specializes in teaching, and training teachers, in yin yoga. She has completed an extensive teacher training course and commits to yearly study in yin yoga and yoga philosophy with Paul Grilley, known for developing yin yoga. Jee's teaching of group classes and teacher trainings is rooted in years of practice and study of a diverse range of yoga styles, functional anatomy, meditation, and yoga philosophy. She teaches with great attention to detail, an individualized approach, and a dose of humor. 

"sculpt your body, calm your mind and touch your soul."

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