200HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

The 200HR Hatha YTT program is a 10-weekend, year-long extended course that starts each January.

January - November 2020

Jan 10-12
Feb 7-9
March 13-15
April 17-19 
May 8-10
July 10-12
Aug 7-9
Sep 11-13
Oct 9-11
Nov 13-15


Stacy Broussard, lead
Jee Moon, assistant
Laurie Brockhaus, assistant


Fridays - 5pm-9pm 
Saturdays - 1pm-8pm
Sundays - 9am-4pm


UB Yoga Maplewood
2812 Sutton Blvd
Maplewood, MO 63143


$2600 if paid in full.
Payment plan: $2700
($200 deposit due at time of enrollment and 5 payments of $500)

Additional Costs:

Online Anatomy Course ($55)

Email program advisor Laurie Brockhaus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 314-421-9642.

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This 200hr program focuses on traditional Hatha yoga, with a brief introduction to yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra. You'll hone your skills in practicing and teaching six "families" of yoga asanas (postures), through study of the musculoskeletal system and intelligent sequencing. Learn to adapt the Hatha yoga practice for different bodies and health issues, and gain an understanding of the value of integrating other supportive yoga styles. You'll have fun, make friends and have the opportunity to grow your yoga practice in new ways with the support of the instructors and your group.  Graduates leave this program with the foundation to teach basic and open level Hatha yoga classes!

Weekend topics

Weekend One-Enter

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Standing Postures and Balances, Classical Sun Salutation, Basics of Breathing
Anatomy & Physiology:
Anatomy Fundamentals (Musculoskeletal System, Types of Movement)
Yoga Humanities:
Traditional History of Yoga, Branches of Yoga, Intro to the Yoga Sutra

Professional Essentials:
Art of Observation

Weekend Two - Ground

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Standing Postures and Balances, Sun Salutation A and B, Ujjayi Breath
Anatomy & Physiology:
Yoga Humanities:
Comparison of Yoga in the East and the West, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Yamas/Niyamas (ethical principles)

Professional Essentials:

Weekend Three -Open Up

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Backbends, Suryabheda, Chandrabheda, and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath)
Yoga Humanities:
5 Klesas (Obstacles)

Professional Essentials:

Weekend Four- Expand

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Backbends, Kapalabhati (Skull-shining Breath), Kundalini Yoga
Anatomy & Physiology:
Subtle Body Anatomy and the Chakra System
Yoga Humanities:
Mantra and Chanting

Professional Essentials:
Trauma-sensitive Teaching Practices, Teaching Beginner Classes

Weekend Five - Let Go

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Twists, Kumbhaka (Breath Retention)
Yoga Humanities:
Mindfulness Practices; Attention, Concentration, and Meditation

Professional Essentials:
Adapting Yoga for Pregnancy, Effective Use of Language in Teaching Yoga

Weekend Six - Take Off

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Arm Balances
Anatomy & Physiology:
Functional Anatomy Approach
Yoga Humanities:
Bhagavad Gita Study
Professional Essentials:
Teaching Open-level Classes

Weekend Seven- Tune In

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Forward Bends and Hip Openers, Sitali (Cooling Breath)
Yoga Humanities:
Bhagavad Gita Study

Professional Essentials:
Working with Common Injuries and Health Issues; Assists, Modifications, and Accessibility

Weekend Eight - Trust

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Forward Bends and Hip Openers, Yin Yoga
Anatomy & Physiology:
Fascial Connections
Yoga Humanities:
Bhagavad Gita Study
Professional Essentials:
Teaching Advanced Classes, Teacher-Student Relationships, and Ethics of Teaching

Weekend Nine - Surrender

Techniques, Training, and Practice:
Inversions and Savasana, Restorative Yoga
Yoga Humanities:
Bhagavad Gita Study
Professional Essentials:
Teacher-Student Relationships and Ethics of Teaching, The Business of Yoga

Weekend Ten- Rise

Final Weekend In-studio "Retreat" and Celebration
(Led yoga practices, Living your yoga, Bhagavad Gita Study, Graduation Ceremony and Celebration)

Instructor Stacy Broussard, E-RYT 200

Stacy has been teaching yoga since 2006, after completing a month-long 200-hour training through the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico. She teaches, in an intuitive and calm manner,  a flowing hatha style, with a focus on safe physical alignment, strength, and balance. After the birth of her first child in 2009, Stacy became certified to teach pre and postnatal yoga and has since taught well over 500 hours of prenatal, postnatal, mother-baby, and prenatal partner yoga classes. As well, she is certified in hypnosis for birthing and enjoys helping women find comfort in natural childbirth. She created and leads Urban Breath Yoga’s 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program, which offers yoga teachers, OB/GYNs, midwives, doulas, and others who work with pregnancy and birth an opportunity to bring yoga techniques into their work in a meaningful and valuable way. Stacy’s instruction in the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, as well as as a lead instructor of UB’s 200-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training, combines a wealth of knowledge in yoga and pregnancy/birth with an ability to inspire and prepare individuals to lead practices in a meaningful, relevant way.


"I love the program. The program has been planned very well and the teaching is excellent. I love that we have the expertise of 2 (and more) teachers."

"Top notch. The expertise of the teachers is without question the most valuable, but their supportive, humorous interaction with such a large group makes learning challenging subject matter a really enjoyable experience. "

"[I value most] the diversity of the teachers in the program as well as the teachers in the yoga studio. I value gaining such a tremendous amount of knowledge about the whole of yoga."

"I appreciate that it's been much more about internal work, introspection, meditation, and subtle shifts in perspective than perfecting asanas. Even more than any material covered in the program, I appreciate the community of committed yogis supporting each other. We're all really different, but able to share something really special through our mutual commitment to yoga and collective journey into it."

"So far I have been very pleased with the program. It has been a good combination of practice, philosophy and instruction. I have enjoyed the readings, especially the Wise Heart. I like that the program is very diverse in that we are not just learning about one style of yoga. I like that we are also incorporating mediation in as well. I enjoy being able to take as many classes as I want during the training. It allows me a lot of exposure to different teaching styles and yoga styles"

"I have loved every bit of this program. I think it is very well-organized, especially because every weekend has its own theme. It always comes as a nice "package" of things that go together well. I also enjoy that there's a mix of instructors, and that equal time was allotted for "lecturing" and discussion. I like that we often break up into small groups, so we get to know each other. I also appreciated that we were exposed to several types of yoga, ranging from yin to Ashtanga. I also liked that we addressed all sorts of other yoga-related topics too, including diet and whatnot.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I value the people I have met. It is so interesting to meet new people with similar interests and hear their "yoga stories," or what brought them to where they are today. I am grateful that the program is so diverse, representing different genders, races, ages and backgrounds. There is always a range of different perspectives and experiences. The students here are great people; they go out of their way to encourage and be nice to one another. I feel supported by the other students in the program, and I would feel comfortable asking any one of them for help.

Additionally, all of the readings, teachings and discussion on yoga philosophy and meditation practice have really helped me in my life outside of the yoga classroom. I find myself more often now questioning what I do, evaluating my reactions, trying to practice less judgment and more compassion and generally trying to live more presently and mindfully, which has done wonders for my own happiness and wellbeing."

"sculpt your body, calm your mind and touch your soul."

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