50HR Yin Yoga Training 
with Jee Moon

Yin Yoga Training
and Retreat weekend
October 3-30, 2022 is canceled and will be rescheduled.


This course meets Saturdays at the Maplewood studio and culminates in a weekend retreat at the Lay Center in Louisiana, MO.


Lead: Jee Moon
Assistant: Chien Hung


Includes full room and board for the weekend retreat.

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This 50-hour Yin Yoga Training course, appropriate for yoga practitioners, teachers, and teachers-in-training, is a unique opportunity to study in-depth the practice and instruction of yin yoga. Through extensive practice, instruction in functional anatomy and fascial connections, study of the energetic body (chakra system and meridians), and study of yin yoga teaching methodology, this course will advance your practice and encourage more skillful teaching. Yoga teachers taking this course will be confident in and well-equipped to add yin yoga classes to your schedule or incorporate yin techniques into your classes of other yoga styles.


What is yin/yang?
Yang yoga vs yin yoga
Yang tissues vs yin tissues
Cultivating equilibrium(stress and rest)
Fascia and fluid
Qi and meridians
12 meridians and organs
Organs and emotions
Rebound; linking to meditation
How to teach functionally
6 archetypal poses
Theming classes 

Training Schedule

Saturdays - October 1, 8, 15, 22
1:30-5:30pm in-person at the Maplewood Studio
October 28-30
Weekend Retreat at the Lay Center in Louisiana, MO
3 hours of self-paced online content is released each week. 

Retreat Weekend Schedule

1pm arriving
2-5 class 
5-7 dinner
7-9 class 

7:30-8 meditation
8-9 breakfast
9-12 class 
12-2 lunch
2-5 class 
5-7 dinner
7-9 class 

7:30-8 meditation
8-9 breakfast
9-12 class 
12-1 lunch
1-3 final class and farewell


Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice by Paul Grilley

Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers
Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark
The Spark in the Machine by Daniel Keown

From Jee:
For thousands of years, the primary objective of yoga has been to cultivate meditative awareness. This requires slowing down. To slow down we need to be able to wait patiently. Most of us who live in this fast-moving society do not feel comfortable when we hear the words "slowing down and waiting." Too often we get trapped by the allure of speed and are thrown off balance. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna "Yoga is Equanimity." Cultivating meditative awareness is to invigorate equanimity by being in the balance between effort and ease, control and surrender, knowing and not-knowing, and yin and yang. Pico Iyer expresses the beauty of slowing down into stillness in his poem. 

“In an age of speed….nothing could be more invigorating than going slow.
 In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention.
And in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still”

Jee Moon

Instructor Jee Moon

Jee has been dedicated to teaching yoga since 2001. Her studies began with a teacher training course with a qigong teacher in Seoul, Korea; she went on to train in Ashtanga and Anusara yoga in Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Taipei and earned Yoga Alliance International Certification. Jee now specializes in teaching, and training teachers, in yin yoga. She has completed an extensive teacher training course and commits to yearly study in yin yoga and yoga philosophy with Paul Grilley, known for developing yin yoga. Jee's teaching of group classes and teacher trainings is rooted in years of practice and study of a diverse range of yoga styles, functional anatomy, meditation, and yoga philosophy. She teaches with great attention to detail, an individualized approach, and a dose of humor. 

"sculpt your body, calm your mind and touch your soul."

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