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UBY Videos

Bhramari Breath

Bhramari Breath, also known as Bumble Bee Breath, is a Pranayama (breath-work) technique that is great for when you're feeling overwhelmed and are in need of a simple way to tune out the noise and re-center yourself. Follow along with Constance in the video and give this technique a try.

Partner Yoga: Downward Dog to Handstand

Practicing handstands but not quite ready to do one on your own? Give this Partner Yoga pose a try. Here instructor Stacy acts as the partner assisting Lindsey in doing the handstand.

Bridge Pose

Ready to give Bridge Pose a try? Grab a block (or a thick book) and follow along with instructor Katie Rodgerz as she demos the pose. Bridge Pose is a backbend that is great for energizing the body and lengthening the spine. 

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