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Urban Breath Yoga is your sanctuary, a place to find growth, serenity and connection–– a place to belong. Here you will discover deeper awareness, enliven your senses and be embraced by our beautiful community. In this space, life is more interesting, more inspiring. Through yoga and breath, you can sculpt your body, calm your mind and touch your soul. So come! Expand beyond limitations and fears, and birth a new vision of yourself. Let us guide you in becoming more alive than ever before. You need this... We all do. Find yourself here.

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"Loved it!"

"It was a good first class! I'm inexperienced but I enjoyed it and felt like the instructor was easy to follow."

"Your space was really beautiful. Looking forward to my next class."

"I really enjoyed the class!"

"Beautiful facility. Locker room was VERY nice. My first class, Siri's Kundalini, was exactly what I needed on the inside. Maddie did a great job with her Yoga 101 class and helped me with some positions. All in all, a GREAT day!!"

"It was a great experience! I got home and immediately bought a prenatal yoga class package. :)"

"I loved my visit! I attended Sunday night's Open House. I am interested in the 200 hour FTT training."

"Very welcoming."

"I loved it and can't wait to come back!"

"It was great! The staff were very friendly and welcoming. The class was great for beginners."

"I really enjoyed my first class at UB Yoga. The studio was friendly and relaxing, as was the class. I felt right at home and I am excited to come to another class soon!"

"Teacher is excellent and I'm excited to come back for class #2. I felt calm yet energized when I left."

"I truly enjoyed my first ever yoga class! Sergio was a great instructor, I really appreciated his clarity and guidance with breathing, which is a very hard concept for me. I am definitely looking forward to attending again."

"Very nice, clean place."

"Wonderful informative class. Would come again!"

"I liked it a lot. Jee Moon was a helpful instructor and was a fantastic guide for my body and mind."

"The studio is clean, fresh and peaceful. The amenities are great (lockers, changing space). I love the Yin class with Jee. It is just what I needed after a long day at work. I cannot wait to try some other classes!"

"My first yoga class ever! No pressure and did not feel like a newbie. Steve is a wonderful instructor."

"I loved my first visit to UB Yoga and cannot wait to return!"

"Great class, great instructor. Thank you."

"It was lovely!"

"Loved Joe as a teacher! Had a wonderful experience. Would highly recommend any class with Joe."

"It's a very clean, relaxing, convenient yoga studio!"

"It was great! Will be back soon."

"My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our class with Stacy. She was great and the knowledge she left us with is very informative."

"I thoroughly enjoyed Yin & Meditation and will be back!"

"I really loved the class. Gentle yet challenging. As challenging as I wanted to make it. Wonderful class. I went back today for another. I really appreciate the New Member special. It allows me to come and try different classes and see how I like it. I do hope to keep coming. It is a beautiful, peaceful place. Thank you."

"I have a regular practice at another studio that doesn't offer prenatal yoga. i'm 33 weeks pregnant and found stacy's class to be perfect for all stages of pregnancy. it was great, everyone was really nice, and i'll totally recommend it. :)"

"My instructor (Jackie) was amazing! I hadn't been to yoga in a few years, but she made me feel so comfortable, welcome, and strong I left feeling so relaxed but also like I'd had a great workout."

"I liked that you could just sign in on the iPad on your way in. Very convenient."

"It was great! Very clean, very organized and all three teachers that I've have had one class with so far seem very knowledgable and professional."

"It was awesome. Harder than I expected but in a good way."

"My first class was with Maddy and I enjoyed it, I took the 2nd class with Joe and that was great too. Nice facility and everyone is very friendly."

"Beautiful space with two lovely classes two days in a row. Just the way I like yoga. Highly recommend. If/when I return to St Louis will certainly return to Urban Breath. Glad you're there."

"This studio is beautiful, friendly, and welcoming!"

"I enjoyed my first class at Urban Breath. The instructor was very nice and the studio clean and bright. Thank you!"

"I came specifically to to take Katie's class, and really liked your space. Bright, spacious, and I even liked the cork floor."

"Carrie was amazing! Loved the detailed instructions she gave and her playing the harmonium took it to a whole 'nother level!"

"I brought two other people yesterday cute studio as well."

"I am very excited about trying out the studio. I signed up for 30 days for $30 and really enjoyed the first class."

"two thumbs up! :)"

"I really enjoyed it and look forward to making urban breath a comfortable home for me to practice yoga!"

"Great facilities, appreciate the lockers for valuables. Everyone was very friendly and I cannot wait to go back!"

"Loved the environment! Such a good deal, 30/$30!"

"Urban Breath did a wonderful job of making everyone comfortable with the first time Yoga Experience."

"It was a great class, didnt know alot about yoga previously, left really feeling i learned alot... intstructor was great, i will be signing up for 30 for 30 this week."

"It was a very good introduction to yoga and helped clarify some questions I've had. It's a very nice and peaceful space! I plan to sign up for the 30-day yoga as a beginning. Thank you!"

"Madeline was an awesome beginner teacher and made me feel very comfortable."

"I really enjoyed the class! The instructor was very helpful."

"The instructor made me feel very comfortable."

"It was a good experience. The studio is very clean and spacious."

"I enjoyed the class I took with Jee. I also liked the yoga room. I felt a positive connective energy with those I was practicing with."

"Love it! Very welcoming studio and amazing instructors."

"The class was great and I plan on coming back today! :)"

"I had a great first class and am excited to come back!"

"Everyone was so welcoming and the space was open and inviting. The class itself flowed very well and I appreciated the thoughtful transitions and queuing. It was a positive experience over all. "

"Yoga instructor was very helpful and inviting!"


"It was very relaxing and a great way to start the day! I will be returning to take more classes."

"Loved it. 6:30 class was great to start the day. Really enjoyed the urban yet comfy feel of the studio."

"Sculpt your body, calm your mind,
and touch your soul."

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